Wear a mask in public and please get the vaccine for Covid-19.

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Wear a mask to help your self and for your neighbors. Do it to be considerate of others and it may well help you and the ones you love.   Find a way to get the Covid 19 Vaccine where you do live. Again this will help you and the people you care about.   […]

February 2021 covid -19 info

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Covid-19 or Corona Virus. We have been living with for almost one year ( as of mid February 2021.) I did hear a good story on the radio yesterday (02/20 Saturday) KUHF FM 88.7 NPR ….Sat morning edition on How to sign up for vaccine shots in your state.   See the above link and […]

Covid-19 Vaccine sign up Harris Co TX area.

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Please see the info below and NOW for people who are over 65 and all who have real health issues, ( especially respiratory (breathing) issues ) I encourage you to sign up and get a vaccine for Covid-19.   Covid-19 or Corona Virus has been the BIG thing for last year 2020 and going forward […]

Face cover could and data shows will help with COVID-19.

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It makes sense to me, to ask people to cover the face and you will not be the one to pass the virus on, if you are infected. By wearing a nose mouth mask will not so much protect your self as it will protect others. This is a little (BIG) something we all can […]

United Way COVID-19 Help phone number.

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I hope you do not need this but here is a phone number. United Way COVID-19 Phone Number 866-211-9966 -United Way.

COVID-19 info, the last day of March

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Well it is the last day of March 2020. We have a new way of living and acting in the world and as all I know in the Houston area and Texas and the USA. Try to stay healthy : Practice social distancing and limit your trips out of your home. Wash your hands (often) […]

COVID what can we do?

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C – Create something O – Offer to help someone V – Virtual connect I – Inspire others D – Do something outside From the Youth Ministry at my church…I hope my kids will embrace this thought! 3/19/2020 (via FB) from Mrs. TM an old acquaintance of mine from: Habitat for Humanity projects with our […]

give blood

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Anyone who can, I think should try to give blood, especially if you can and are healthy. This will help our health processional’s, doctors & Hospitals treat and serve our sick friends and neighbors. CCSC (Christian Community Service Center) see response to COVID-19 CCSC Member Churches (w central Houston TX) Thanks Gordon (CCSC board) LINKS […]

Health Emergency 2020/03 Covid-19 info

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We are in IT. What is is? We need to keep calm and take care of our fellow man ie friends neighbors and yes family. Think before you get in your car and go out into your city, town neighborhood. Do you need to go. Can you take car of what ever it is via […]

Coronavirus: What You Need To Know (03/16/2020)

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NPR radio did have a one hour special on COVID-19. (live on Monday 03/16/2020). We all need good info and try to not panic. Use common sense. OK see this, (listen) 50 Min Radio show: Special Report: What You Need To Know About Coronavirus NPR radio special: Corvid -19 What You need to know 03/16/2020 […]

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