All Medicare plans are designed by the federal government, so all insurance companies must offer the same minimum benefits  and coverages.  Although these plans are standardized, each company will have different pricing  and could have additional points of value for their plans.

Medicare is a government health plan where the insured is required to select either a Medicare Supplement plan and Prescription Drug (Rx) coverage (Part D) or enroll in an all-in-one plan called Medicare Advantage.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans, for example,  cost more but give the insured more choices.  When you select a Medicare Supplement plan you should enroll in a Medicare Part D plan (Drug or Rx) at the same time.

Medicare Part D

This is prescription drug coverage for Medicare subscribers.  There are a few choices in plans and many companies that offer coverage.  If you do not enroll in part D when you join Medicare, but you want it at a later date, you will be penalized.  When enrolling late, there’s a per month  penalty for every month you are not enrolled.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is an all-in-one plan (HMO).  Although it is less expensive to the insured, it does have some serious limitations. has a partner that handles this special coverage for you.

Medicare Resources

The following resources can help with your Medicare decisions. 
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Medicare – Forms, Help, & Resources  ( a good source of info (2018))


The annual government handbook,  Medicare and You explains in detail,  Medicare for the given year.

Medicare and You page via

How to Pick the Right Medicare Plan – Via TDI – take 5

Medicare Coverage Choices from the US Government site and or give us a call.

Medicare Plan Finder from the US Government site.


Your Guide to Medicare’s Preventative Services
The official government booklet with important information about
what disease prevention is and why it’s important; which preventive services Medicare covers and how often; who can get them and what you pay.

Choosing a Medigap Policy -2018  (A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare)

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage  – multiple  guides from Medicare

Your guide to Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (A guide to Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) or Medicare part D coverage), a Medicare information document (a pdf of 88 pages (2018/06).

Medicare Supplement Insurance Handbook and Rate Guide (From TDI)

Medicare Supplement plans by letter including benefits.

The 10 Standard Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans (Charts from TDI) (2018/08)

Compare the (10) Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans (also called “Med Sup” plans) (Medicare  site)

CMS – Forms (web page) (2017)

SSA – Forms  (Social Security Administration) ( see -application for Medicare part B)  (2017)

Medicare – BIC   (2017/ 02)  (Beneficiary Identification Codes) (ie the letters before and after a Medicare number) (2017)


Find, read, print, or order free Medicare publications   (a site)

Check – Medicare (original A & B)  Enrollment  – link

Am I eligible for Medicare if I am under 65? – Signing up for Medicare: special conditions



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