April 2022 -(ON marketplace) individual & family health insurance (DMI)

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The  DMI Documentation Window Rapidly Closing  ( noted…..04/18/2022 -Monday)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has indicated that a large number of Marketplace policyholders are quickly running out of time to submit Data Matching Issue (DMI) documentation necessary to remain enrolled in their health plans.

If this issue is not addressed within the required 90-day window after enrollment, consequences include loss of coverage and Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) for consumers.

To ensure continuity in coverage, please check your consumer accounts NOW. (on your marketplace account.


Brokers and agents will  see the loss of commission as well.



How to Turn in Your DMI Documents   (via CMS)



Healthcare.gov   (ON Marketplace)


LOG on  to Healthcare.gov



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