Diet & Exercise, fall 2018 & Nov is Diabetes Awareness month

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In the USA, The United States of America,  Madison avenue (the Advertising machine)  keeps personal appearance on the front page.   On a personal level we all need to keep this in mind. especially if we do, as most Americans do not go hungry, and have too much to eat. With this reality we do need […]

Summer 2017 Diet & Exercise

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As we are enjoying the summer solstice  (June 21 is the longest day of the year…the most sunlight in the northern hemisphere) and the start of summer. I am thinking and working on my own diet and exercise program. This is HARD… I need to  keep my work out schedule (and make sure I do […]

Good Sleep Is Important For Good Health

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As we all know, in order to have good health we all need  a proper diet and exercise. Along with getting regular exercise people need to get consistent and  proper rest. We are all the product of our parents (lucky if you have good genes) (thanks Mom and Dad) and the lifetime of habits we […]

Diabetes Awareness Month 2015

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Diabetes Awareness Month is November of each year and I try to talk about this issue for all of us. This condition can and does effect a lot of people and  it has touched my life and it will for dare I say most if not all Americans. Diet and exercise are key to keeping […]

Your Health and Diet

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Health Zone from the Houston Chronicle Oct 26 2014 Diet that uses fasting by Greta Kaul  (pdf copy) A good article o fruit fiber rich diet that we all can draw on. (pdf copy) An article that touches on Bariatric surgery  and talks of the pros and cons. Note for most health insurance this is […]

Health and Financial New Year’s Resolutions

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Well,  Happy New Year to 2012 and people are dealing with new years resolutions or NOT. We all fall into one or the other camp and we all have things in our life we want to improve. Improving our health is always a topic for Texans and all Americans. Even if you are in “good […]

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