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We’re here to help! If you have any questions about any of the following individual health insurance quotes, plans, or applications, please phone 713-481-6501. Use the Insurance company links below to start an online application for coverage. When you are ready:

  1. Give us a call and we can walk you through the application.
  2. Start the application yourself.  You will have to create a user name and password. It is IMPORTANT to write down and remember this information.

I advise when you start out to put in the most basic information and then log out. Then log back in to confirm you can get in and out of the site. Once you start an application it will stay in the private system of each insurance company for only 30 days. Block out one hour of time.  Most can be completed in about 45 min.  So try to finish as soon as possible. It can take up to 7 to 14 business days to get underwriting done. You should expect a phone interview from the Insurance Co., once you have submitted your application. Use the following links to log back in and complete  your application:


Get Aetna Quotes, Compare Plans & Apply Online   (no longer pays comissons to agents …only sells direct …late 2016)

You can apply online and log into working Aetna applications on this page.

Aetna member log-on  (with Aetna’s virtual assistant “Ann”  ready to help you.)


Assurant    (left the market when the ACA started up)


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas  (BCBSTX)

Apply Online and log into working BCBSTX applications

Get a Quick BCBSTX Quote for Individual/Family Health Insurance Plans.

John Casey Lowery’s BCBSTX Link Texas

bcbstx_choose the right coverge_ind-sales-brochure-tx_JCL_2017

BCBS Individual & Family plans overview    (a 8 page pdf) -2017-

BCBSTX  Gold plans  (2017)

BCBSTX  Silver plans (2017)

BCBSTX  Bronze plans (2017)

bcbstx_JC_Lowery_ind-health-app-tx_2017    (right click to open) (new for 2017)

Individual net work notice from BCBSTX via TDI (2017)


Texas  Individual & Family Plans ACA  (2014 / 07) Texas Platinum – Gold -Silver- Bronze – Catastrophic -Short Term -Dental   (See above link for info on each.)


See below for direct links for Silver plans ( a good place to start and the level where a subsidy or tax credit is most effective.)

Silver Marketplace plans comparison  (Marketplace plans eligible for premium subsidy or tax credits?) (2014 / 07)

Silver plan comparison  (off Marketplace – not via – No premium subsidy or tax credit?) (2014 /07)

Below are old NON ACA plans (not for sale after 01/01/2014)

BCBSTX individual & family plan comparison chart  (43378.0712)

BCBSTX individual & family product guide book   (50400.0812)


BCBSTX 2017 Get the Right Coverage pdf  (2017 / 01)

BCBSTX  – 2018 Coverage You Need   pdf (2017/11) (more bcbs info 2018)


This paper or pdf application which is for special cases. ALL others use the on-line application.

Downloadable forms for BCBSTX.

  (BCBSTX  J Casey Lowery link)

CIGNA    (2016 no longer pay’s comissions to agents)

Apply Online and log into working CIGNA Quotes &  applications

Get a Quote for CIGNA Individual/Family Health Insurance CIGNA Quotes & applications JCL

CIGNA Returning Individual/Family Health Insurance Login (You already have a CIGNA user ID and password)

MyCIGNA Your own personal CIGNA plan, health, and benefits documents

CIGNA Dental  plans are available.   Please contact us and we can get you a DDS quote and  Individual Health Quote as well.

CIGNA_DDS_863900-sob-mycigna-stand-alone-dental_2015_01  (right click to see this pdf of the Summary of Benefits for the three (3) dental plans.)


Humana One  (mid year 2016 no longer pay’s commissions) 

Apply Online HumanOne applications.    (01/15/2014 updated)

Get A Humana One Rate Quote HumanaOne   application by phone  (1-866-672-9165) (07/2016)

Mon-Thurs   7 am – 7 pm CST;

Friday            7 am – 6 pm CST;

Saturday       7 am – 3 pm CST

John CASEY Lowery (HumanaOne agent # 1397922) HumanaOne  link to return to a application. That is one  progress (with user name and password)

Affordable Humana One Individual Dental & Vision Insurance Plans & Applications   (01/

(1-800-967-9873) old HumanaOne number


United Healthcare United Healthcare Individual Plans  (Has left the individual market as of the end of  2016)

(Golden Rule is now UnitedHealthOne)

Apply Online and log into working UnitedHealthOne applications Get a UnitedHealthOne Instant Quote



Individual/Family Health Insurance  (no live link for instant quotes)  please email or phone our office.

International Insurance Plans  from IMG

Note If you do an application on the Marketplace and you worked with me and want to list me as your agent

my FFM – ACA marketplace  ID (jclowery8485814) for John Casey Lowery.


JCL’s  National Producer Number is (NPN # 8485814)    for John Casey Lowery. Thank You.


Call us or an Insurance professional if you have questions about the “new” (2014) ACA (affordable care act) health insurance.

We are all learning about this and we are happy to be of  help to anyone in Texas.

* Link* How can you get an estimate of costs and savings on marketplace health insurance.

HealthSherpa_JohnCaseyLowery_Link  for the Marketplace

800-318-2596  phone for    – the Marketplace  (Available 24/7 . Closed Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.)

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