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Covid-19 or Corona Virus. We have been living with for almost one year ( as of mid February 2021.)

I did hear a good story on the radio yesterday (02/20 Saturday)

KUHF FM 88.7 NPR ….Sat morning edition on How to sign up for vaccine shots in your state.


See the above link and follow the gray box to find out how you can

A – Get on a list for a vaccine.

B – Find out about testing if you feel / see the need.


We all need to keep up our guard and be mindful. Be sanitary, (wash our hands) keep our social distance, keep wearing masks in public.  (I think the mask will be a new part of modern life for some some time if not all time.)..Who knows?



KHOU-TV Ch-11 in Houston TX info via TXT

This seems to be a good tool for a lot of news in the Houston area. Note you will incur  TXT charges.


You can txt (713-526-1111) put in



or even Weather

to get info.




KUHF 88.7 FM Houston


NPR -Shots

KHOU Ch 11 Houston TX TV.


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