Health Care Changes As Of Fall 2017

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Congress is trying to make changes to the health care law, ie the ACA or  “Obama Care.” This will have a big effect on both individual and family health insurance as well as small group insurance. C-span morning show Washington Journal (WJ) did have a segment (10/18/2017) where Jennifer Haberkorn and Rebecca Adams  talked about the future of […]

2016 Memorial Hermann Individual Health Insurance

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Memorial Hermann (the Houston area hospital concern ) has been in the group insurance market for a few years now. The company is moving into the individual and family market starting  January 2016. The MHHI plans are only OFF marketplace. ( ie that is NOT on Memorial Hermann Health Insurance (MHHI) has a limited […]

Diabetes and Diabesity | What We Can Do About Them

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Diabetes  or Diabetes Melitus, which is the full name of the disease that people have some chance to control by how they live and eat.  There are three major types of diabetes melitus (DM). Type I DM  This is the type where you body does not make insulin and so the person has to take […]

Individual Dental and Vision Insurance

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These are most often thought of as group benefits (Insurance obtained at work. (Work Place)) But they can be obtained for individuals and families. The following with talk of Dental and Vision coverage and give a link where I can help Individuals get a quote for Insurance coverage and apply on line. Dental Insurance Dental […]

Group Insurance

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