Covid-19 Vaccine sign up Harris Co TX area.

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Please see the info below and NOW for people who are over 65 and all who have real health issues, ( especially respiratory (breathing) issues ) I encourage you to sign up and get a vaccine for Covid-19.


Covid-19 or Corona Virus has been the BIG thing for last year 2020 and going forward into the new year of 2021.

We all should continue to wash our hands, be mindful of personal hygiene, social distance (6 ft or more) and continue to wear as mask in public.


Note – Anyone in the greater Harris County are can use the Harris Co Sign up .


this is not Insurance, but is this Insurance agent with a mask.

Casey Lowery Face cover ie Mask for COVID-19





Harris Co. TX Health Dept Phone numbers



Make note of these numbers for this is where you will get a call or TXT after you sign up, to give you notice you can get a vaccine.

( Area codes 713, 281, 832, and 346 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan forming an overlay complex for Houston, Texas and its environs. Area code 713 is one of the original four area codes established for Texas in 1947. Wikipedia )




Harris Co TX public Health web site

Below is where you can sign up


Welcome to the COVID-19 Vaccination Waitlist Registration Form )


Above is where you can sign up.


KHOU – Ch 11 TV Houston TX…Covid 19 info

( 01/27/2021 ) KHOU on Covid-19 Vaccine sign up.


HC list of Usefull links  (HC = Harris County Texas)

Harris Co TX Health Dept. Twitter
Houston Health Twitter

If you have any COVID-19 vaccine related questions, please call the HCPH COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at 
For all other COVID-19 related questions, …
( )
Harris Co Resources / 2019 Novel Coronavirus / Contact – US
PDF links County to create COVID-19 vaccine wait list to handle massive demand_2021_01_25



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