Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept. 2014 (LIAM)

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is a nice reminder for people to read up, watch videos, and learn more about Life Insurance.    Watch a good  video on Life Insurance 101 (2014) YouTube Chanel from Life happens At the most basic need level you need to have life insurance if someone or something depends on […]

You Have Choices About How You Live and Die

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I believe we all  have choices about how we live today. That alone is more than most want to think about. But we should and direct our lives. I am a dvr junkie in our home and tape a lot of “stuff” on the weekend. My two favorites are c-span and I have a standing […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept 2013

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  September is LIAM or Life Insurance Awareness Month. Every year the Insurance organization helps put out the word on Life Insurance in September. They do this with some direct media ads and by helping Agents (like us) with materials to help us inform and educate people on this important topic.     If […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) Sept. 2012

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Every September, the LIFE foundation and the life insurance industry in the USA put a big push in educational information for the public on the importance of life insurance. If you know, or work with a life insurance professional, takes some time and talk with them about your situation. That is, speak with them if […]

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