Health Emergency 2020/03 Covid-19 info

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We are in IT.

What is is?

We need to keep calm and take care of our fellow man ie friends neighbors and yes family.

Think before you get in your car and go out into your city, town neighborhood. Do you need to go. Can you take car of what ever it is via the phone or your computer. Limit trips to be with others. weather for work or for personal use (shopping for home). Is there a way to pre order things to be picked up or even delivered to you?

C-span (WJ- Washington Journal) 03/18/2020 Tue am segment with Lawrence O Gostin (Georgetown University)

( time segment see Min 24 & )

Lawrence O Gostin article on Limits on Quarantine

Power of the President during the Coronavirus Outbreak (above 3 min)


CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention )

WHO (World Health Organization) a UN organization


C-span WJ Washington Journal

Lawrence O Gostin (Twitter)

Lawrence O Gostin (google)

Lawrence O Gostin – C-span

Other Links

Dr. Tony Fauci (google)

Dr. Tony Fauci (news about via Twitter)

NAID (Dr. Tony Fauci on Covid 19) Twitter

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