“America’s Bitter Pill” A Book on the ACA

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It is now January 2015.  So I hope everyone had a nice Christmas (or holiday for my non Christian friends) and a Happy New Year.

While on my way to the post office.  I had the opportunity to listen to a radio show on NPR‘s Fresh Air. The topic was a new book by Steven Brill. His book is titled “Americas Bitter Pill” and it talks about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Mr Brill gives a report on how the ACA started up and is doing up to the point where he wrote the book. He also had the misfortune of getting very sick. He pulled through  his episode and used the experience as part of the book.  I found the radio show both  interesting and informative. So,  I hope to find the time to read the book soon.

Link to the web page for the NPR Fresh Air show ” Americas bitter pill makes case for why health care law wont work

(the radio segment  is approximately 36 min)

Link to the audio from the Radio show “Fresh Air” from Monday 01/05/2015.

This radio show, as I listened to it was not over the top for or against the ACA but it did lay out some big faults with the people in the US Government that managed the roll out and start up of the ACA.  He points out some flaws in the USA’s health care industry and offers several suggestions to address them.

I wanted to put this information up so as to let others listen and read on this important topic to us all.  This is about real money. And money like all resources should not be wasted.

Link to NPR radio

Link to Fresh Air radio show via NPR radio.

Archive to Fresh Air radio show’s

Tumblr -NPR Fresh Air Radio link

Forbes Magazine on Steven Brill and Health Care. (03/04/2013)

Link to Steven Brill on Twitter .

Wikipedia link for Steve Brill  (journalist)

NPR Fresh Air radio show (01/05/2015)  on the book “Americas Bitter Pill”.  The show is an  interview of Steven Brill the author of this book on the ACA.

Time Magazine  (02/20/2013) ” bitter pill why medical bills are killing us ” (42 pages)  (via uta.edu)

Image credit:  NPR





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