Face cover could and data shows will help with COVID-19.

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It makes sense to me, to ask people to cover the face and you will not be the one to pass the virus on, if you are infected. By wearing a nose mouth mask will not so much protect your self as it will protect others.

This is a little (BIG) something we all can do for our friends, neighbors, family and yes, fellow man.

So, Lead, follow or get out of the way. (an old saying, that I do like.)

( In this case wear a face cover or stay home. That is how I read it.)

smerconish -via YouTube

See the data on how Korea vs Italy did handle this, in the video above (see min 6 or so). It makes sense to me.

This is what I am hearing from the medical professionals. Am I wrong?

I am sharing this for I think this is a good call.

I think, we should not use up, the “store bought” in the john Q public use and save this valuable resource for the Health care pros and first responders.


Michael Smerconish web site

Smerconish via Twitter

Smerconish on TV cnn ( yes I dvr his show on Saturday morning.)

Smerconish – XM radio


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Casey Lowery before going to the Grocery Sat 04/04/2020

Mel and Carl from CBS Sunday Morning 04/05/2020

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