It Is Fall 2017 and Time For Medicare For 2018

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Well , it  is  October and the Medicare annual open enrollment  has started. (10/15—–12/07/2017) Every year open enrollment gives you the opportunity to review your existing Medicare coverage and, if you want to, change to a different plan for the following year. Use this period to: Switch from one “stand-alone” Part D drug plan to […]

2018 Open Enrollment for Individual & Family Insurance

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Open enrollment for 2018 is approaching. Nov 01–Dec 12 2017 For coverage that will start January 01 2018. Yes….This is a smaller window of time to sing up  than in the prior years. Related Links Info for Tax Credit and or Subsidy for Individual and Family Plans (from FAQ’s via CBS News on […]

ACA Open Enrollment For 2017

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OK Open enrollment for individual health plans started on Nov 01, 2016. The first deadline is:   Dec 15, 2016 to get a plan that will start on 01/01/2017. Jan 15, 2017 for a plan to start 02/01/2017. Jan 31,2017 for a plan to start 03/01/2017. This is the end of open enrollment for Under […]

2015 ACA Info And Rules From CIGNA

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I found an excellent document that provides good info on individual and family plans for ON and OFF the marketplace. As we do not always have all the answers to your questions, sometimes we go to the carriers or major health insurance companies to find them. This is primarily because of all the changes that […]

ACA Open Enrollment for 2015 Indidividual Health Plans

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For Individual Health Insurance we all have to get used to the idea of an annual open enrollment. This is the time where you can shop and purchase health insurance without having a qualifying event.  A qualifying event allows you to purchase (on average 60 day window) health insurance outside the open enrollment period. Here are […]

March 2014 Media on the ACA &

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In this post I will provide links to several media sources on Obama Care or the name I like better, the ACA or (Affordable Care Act) which is short for PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act) Market Place Radio 03/14 has a story on rating the ACA. (how many stars) The Houston Radio Station KUHF […]

Medicare Open Enrollment For 2011 Coverage

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This  year end open enrollment is for current members of Medicare who want to change the insurance coverage they have to some new plan.  Know you will have to go through underwriting to make a change and you must do this between Nov 15 through Dec 31, 2010. I am writing about this topic in […]

Medicare Open Enrollment

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The Medicare open enrollment period began November 15, 2010.  The period is different this year in that it will be shorter and ends on 12/31/2010.  So it will be a challenge for participants to make firm decisions and act within this time period.  It will be an even bigger challenge for Insurance professionals that specialize […]

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