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Alt way’s to talk to a medical pro – spring 2020

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Tel a doc
Tel a medicine

Face cover could and data shows will help with COVID-19.

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It makes sense to me, to ask people to cover the face and you will not be the one to pass the virus on, if you are infected. By wearing a nose mouth mask will not so much protect your self as it will protect others. This is a little (BIG) something we all can […]

blue cross group address change (2020/03)

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) for groups (company insurance ) has a new address for mailing in billing payments. BCBSTX premium/payment addresses changed in the fourth quarter of 2019. Why it matters: Many groups are still submitting their payments to the old addresses. Time is running out on the forwarding service. To avoid […]

Average Americans getting crushed by rising health insurance costs. (11/2019)

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ABC new Had a story our office is all to familiar with. The cost of Health Insurance has continued to go up even with the ACA, Affordable Care Act. Links ABC News Average Americans getting crushed by rising Health Ins. Costs (0:42 Sec) 11/21/2019 by Erin Schumaker. Erin Schumaker ABCnews Erin Schumaker Twitter Links ABC […]

Fall 2019 info and news on Health insurance in Texas.

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We try to post news, trends and information on using health insurance in Texas from time to time. When using your health insurance learn how to try to stay in network. What is in net work vs Out of net work. This is a loaded statement but important. Contact your Insurance Agent / Company to […]

Sept 2018 USA wage’s and federal deficit & debt.

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Wages  ie take home pay for most Americans in the USA is, are flat.  But our government (all of us) will pay more in debt service next year due to US (the government)  not (…..trying…..)  to pay as we go. The way we are going we are leaving the problems for the next generations. This […]

Health Insurance in Texas Site Update To Version 3.5

By on July 31 2018 | Individual Insurance, Life Insurance, Medicare | Leave a comment

This is a revised Health Insurance for Texas website which was  made “live” last week (07/24/2018).  Welcome to web site “3.5”. This is the 2nd design change to this wordpress  website,, which started in  2007. Wehave also added both a  phone and tablet version (3.1) as well a log in for our group clients […]

Doctor and Insurance Co. News July 2016

By on August 3 2016 | | Leave a comment

The Houston Chronicle, had a story  where Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic announced (07/29/2016) that they would no longer work together. So that means if you have Health Insurance with Blue Cross that Kelsey-Seybold will not be in net work starting  October 01, 2016. As of 07/29 Kelsey-Seybold did not […]

ACA & Taxes for 2014

By on March 14 2015 | Heathcare Reform, Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) which changed health care and health insurance went live in 2014. There are lots of new things that will affect all Americans and Texans. I am  posting a link from our friends with the Internal Revenue Service. This may offer some help with filing 2014 taxes. Link      HCTT-2015-15: […]

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