Coronavirus: What You Need To Know (03/16/2020)

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NPR radio did have a one hour special on COVID-19. (live on Monday 03/16/2020).

We all need good info and try to not panic.

Use common sense.

OK see this, (listen) 50 Min Radio show:

Special Report: What You Need To Know About Coronavirus

NPR radio special: Corvid -19 What You need to know 03/16/2020 Monday.

Links for other looks at this topic.

NPR – on COVID-19 or Coronavirus. (03/2020)

Church and Corona (03/13/2020) from NPR

CDC Recommends people not to gather in groups of 50 (10) or more. (03/15/2020 – npr)

NYTimes (Covid-19)

NYTimes on Coronavirus

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The NY Times has a good story and graphic on COVID-19. (03/13/2020) * note* this is a good guess and is from “the opinion page” but I feel is is a good guess. (JCL)

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Stock your pantry (all the time) a smart way.

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