Saving & Investing Tips & Tools for 2017

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Well,  it’s July 2017 and in fact, the month will be over next week. WOW!? I wanted to post this back in January of 2017. The end of a year into the start of a new one is a good time to review and/or make plans for saving and investing, as I think and have been […]

Investing Autopilot from Wealthtrack TV

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I saw an interesting program on public TV back on June (06/21) 2015 called weathtrack. The show was on the automation of individuals investments. At first it sounded crazy. But watch the show because there are some good sound reasons why it’s not. I think some (or even a good portion) of a persons investments should be […]

Americans are bad at math says the NYTimes

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We have heard it before, that Americans or people who live in the USA are not the best at math. That is on the whole of the population. I found this online at a newspaper site I  like to read.  By the way I  subscribe and get the NYTimes on my wife’s iPad. The napkin […]

Saving & Investing Checkup 2014

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A Couples Financial Tuneup 04/26/13 NY Times Related Links (for more info about your money) Market Place Radio on Money Info on Investopedia The NYTimes on your money The NYTimes : the Sketch Guy: Personal Finance on a Napkin NYTimes Ideas to make retirement possible  (02/06/2014)  (right click for a pdf ) The […]

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