COVID what can we do?

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C – Create something

O – Offer to help someone

V – Virtual connect

I – Inspire others

D – Do something outside

From the Youth Ministry at my church…
I hope my kids will embrace this thought!

3/19/2020 (via FB)


Mrs. TM

an old acquaintance of mine from:

Habitat for Humanity projects with our HouTex

Episcopal Church. I consider her a friends & neighbor.

A good though for ALL of us at this and or any Time. (JCL)

We all need to be smart about limiting our activities and practice good hygiene (wash your hands with soap and water – often.)

Try to work from your home via phone and yes our computers (pc’s) and all the tools our modern world does have.

Links for more info

AND check with your local city / Texas County government websites and yes local media.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention )

WHO (World Health Organization) a UN organization

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CDC – How to protect yourself COVID-19 (03-20-2020)

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How To protect yourself from COVID-19

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