ACA open enrollment deadline now 12/18/2019 2AM CST.

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ACE open enrollment for plans that will start 01/01/2020 was 12/15/2019. It has been extended till Wednesday 12/18/2019 2AM CST. Links BCBSTX notice on ACA extension

The Ten Essential Health Benefits (“EHBs”) in the ACA

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We have posted on these EHB’s before.  But the 10 (ten) essential health benefits are the cornerstone to the ACA.      (HHS on the ACA) Under the new rules set out by the ACA all new major medical health insurance policies must provide ten essential health benefits (“EHBs”). These are minimum coverage requirements that […]

Individual Heath (ACA) Open Enrollment for 2018

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The ACA is still the “law of the land” re Individual Health Insurance. The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018. As of the end of June we are not sure what insurace companies will be selling in Texas. Note  Memorial […]

Mid Summer 2016 ACA Info & News

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      Ms. Rachana Pradhan is with Politico . She was with Inside Health Policy where she focused on the implementation of the ACA. She was interviewed on 03/27/2016, which was the 6th anniversary of the signing ot the ACA law. Please note: Starting at about min 1:45 she talks about TAX form 1095 (3 types ….depending […]

ACA Individual Health Fall Open Enrollment 2016

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O.K. the 3rd  Open Enrollment for individual  and family coverage (2016 coverage) has started. Open enrollment for individual  &  family ACA health insurance plans  is Nov  01, 2015  –  Jan 31,  2016.  (link for 2016 timeline).    and YES, this is  for plans ON and OFF the Marketplace. 12/15/2015 deadline for coverage to start 01/01/2016 […]

2015 ACA Info And Rules From CIGNA

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I found an excellent document that provides good info on individual and family plans for ON and OFF the marketplace. As we do not always have all the answers to your questions, sometimes we go to the carriers or major health insurance companies to find them. This is primarily because of all the changes that […]

ACA Tax Penalty Calculator

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In the March 06, 2014 WSJ there was an article on the prospect of the ACA tax penalty.  The WSJ talks of the the Tax Policy Center (TPC) and its mission to provides timely, accessible analysis and facts about tax policy. TPC – ACA Tax Penalty Calc ACA -exempt list from TPC wsj.com_blog_-Obamacare Penalty to Exceed 95 for […]

ACA & Healthcare News June 2015

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There is a lot of talk about the pending court case on the ACA and tax subsidies. This is an important issue for the ACA law and most people in the USA and Texas.  The ACA law has had an effect on all of us (good and bad I think) but it is here and […]

“America’s Bitter Pill” A Book on the ACA

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It is now January 2015.  So I hope everyone had a nice Christmas (or holiday for my non Christian friends) and a Happy New Year. While on my way to the post office.  I had the opportunity to listen to a radio show on NPR‘s Fresh Air. The topic was a new book by Steven […]

ACA Pre-open Enrollment 11/15/2014

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I found the above while reading TheAtlantic online (11/12/14)  in an article titled  “Insurance, as Explained by Cartoons” Try taking this Health Insurance quiz from Kaiser web site. This is a good source of information on health topics and the ACA in particular. We are working out the kinks in our abilty to serve and […]

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