COVID-19 info, the last day of March

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Well it is the last day of March 2020.

We have a new way of living and acting in the world and as all I know in the Houston area and Texas and the USA.

Try to stay healthy :

Practice social distancing and limit your trips out of your home.

Wash your hands (often) (especially if you go out of your home) and be aware of rubbing your face and eyes.

Look out (phone call) older friends neighbors & family. And lets try to take care of one another.

TM on TX response to the virus COVID -19 (03/29/2020) (TM = Texas Monthly)

TM coverage on the COVID-19

See Link below of the Texas Chart on what could happen with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Act Now (Texas) Chart


State of Texas on COVID-19

Forbs Magazine on stopping the touching of face and eyes.

BBC on Touching your face and eyes

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