2018 Open Enrollment for Individual & Family Insurance

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Open enrollment for 2018 is approaching. Nov 01–Dec 12 2017 For coverage that will start January 01 2018. Yes….This is a smaller window of time to sing up  than in the prior years. Related Links Info for Tax Credit and or Subsidy for Individual and Family Plans (from HealthCare.gov) FAQ’s via Healthcare.gov CBS News on […]

Individual Heath (ACA) Open Enrollment for 2018

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The ACA is still the “law of the land” re Individual Health Insurance. The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Plans sold during Open Enrollment start January 1, 2018. As of the end of June we are not sure what insurace companies will be selling in Texas. Note  Memorial […]

ACA Open Enrollment 2016 Ends January 31st

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Open enrollment for individual health insurance plans comes to a close at the end of January for 2016.  So,  Sunday 01/31 is the last day people can purchase health insurance with out a special exception. I am going to post  something I read in the Houston Chronicle on Sunday 01/24, that included some news on what […]

Humana PPO Plan Added Dec 09 for 2016 for Parts of TX

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A  HumanaOne  plan, TX Bronze 6450 ChoiceCare PPO + Children’s Dental, has been added for 2016 coverage in parts of Texas that were previously not included. This was announced on 12/09/2015. This is good news for The Houston and central Texas areas. Where there is going to be less options for PPO plans to individuals […]

2016 Memorial Hermann Individual Health Insurance

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Memorial Hermann (the Houston area hospital concern ) has been in the group insurance market for a few years now. The company is moving into the individual and family market starting  January 2016. The MHHI plans are only OFF marketplace. ( ie that is NOT on Healthcare.gov) Memorial Hermann Health Insurance (MHHI) has a limited […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX Health Insurance Tools

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas or BCBSTX is arguably the  latest Health Insurer in Texas. I will try to point out and list links to some useful web pages. Blue Cross Blue Shield (association)  What is it from Wikipedia. Blue Cross Blue Shield  has implemented  Benefits Value Advisory or Customer Service (CS), , for […]

ACA Open Enrollment for 2015 Indidividual Health Plans

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For Individual Health Insurance we all have to get used to the idea of an annual open enrollment. This is the time where you can shop and purchase health insurance without having a qualifying event.  A qualifying event allows you to purchase (on average 60 day window) health insurance outside the open enrollment period. Here are […]

Diabetes and Diabesity | What We Can Do About Them

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Diabetes  or Diabetes Melitus, which is the full name of the disease that people have some chance to control by how they live and eat.  There are three major types of diabetes melitus (DM). Type I DM  This is the type where you body does not make insulin and so the person has to take […]

Brand-name Drugs Defined

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A brand-name drug – prescription drug which is marketed with a specific brand name by the company that manufactures it.  So brand-name drugs may cost insured individuals a higher co-pay than generic drugs on some health plans. The recent big news on brand-named drugs vs. generic’s is the story on Lipitor. Lipitor, which became available […]

Credit for Prior Credible Coverage

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Any pre-existing condition waiting period met under an employer’s prior (qualifying) coverage will be credited to the current plan, if any interruption of coverage between the new and prior plans meets state guidelines. Not having a lapse in Health Insurance can be very important, especially if you have health issues. If you go without Health […]

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