Healthcare News For March 2016

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C-SPAN – Washington Journal -2016 Presidential Candidates Healthcare Proposals Th AM 03/10/2016 Alison Kodjak (health care reporter NPR) Alison Kodjak – LinkedIN Medical Bills Still Take A Big Toll, Even With Insurance  via NPR 03/11/2016 Related Links NPR HealthNews  NPR Health shots (npr health news)        

Tax Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage In 2014

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The IRS  has published  a document titled “Tax Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage for Individuals & Families in 2014” This is a “Virtual Town Hall” series and is one of the things that many people are concerned with in regard to the new ACA law. That is,  how will the Tax law and this intersect […]

March 2014 Media on the ACA &

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In this post I will provide links to several media sources on Obama Care or the name I like better, the ACA or (Affordable Care Act) which is short for PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act) Market Place Radio 03/14 has a story on rating the ACA. (how many stars) The Houston Radio Station KUHF […]

2014 ACA Info and Resources

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I wanted to present the most recent 2014 ACA information I have by sharing it with you on this blog. The last quarter of 2013 has been a big learning experience for all Americans in regards to the changes that are happening to the health insurance market. The changes are focused in the small group […]

Health Care Reform Status February 2011

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I often get asked “what is the status of the Health Care Reform law”?   This topic is known by several different names as I have listed below: Health Care Reform (HCR) – Affordable Health Care (AHC) – Affordable Care Act (ACA) Affordable Health Care for America Act (AHCAA) (H. R. 3962) (the House bill) […]

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