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CPR it can help save a life

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CPR training is available and could help save a life, even our own. Check in you community (fire departments etc and who ever provides EMS services.) I know in Houston I have had training from local fire houses.   Links a Toilet Plunger Improved CPR_2003_06_15 Google search for CPR Training in Texas.

Jan 2022 and thinking of exercising

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Well, is it is a new year (2022) and a lot of us are thinking of starting or re starting an exercise program so to make a good habit ? I say get started and go easy and get going. Make it something you can do and enjoy. Once you start y9u can push your […]

Merry Christmas 2021

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Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours from our office and My Family. Casey Lowery   Jonathan Winters’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ “Marley was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. Old Marley was as dead as a doornail.” So begins A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Some say this short story, […]

Wear a mask in public and please get the vaccine for Covid-19.

By on March 24 2021 | covid-19 | Leave a comment

Wear a mask to help your self and for your neighbors. Do it to be considerate of others and it may well help you and the ones you love.   Find a way to get the Covid 19 Vaccine where you do live. Again this will help you and the people you care about.   […]

February 2021 covid -19 info

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Covid-19 or Corona Virus. We have been living with for almost one year ( as of mid February 2021.) I did hear a good story on the radio yesterday (02/20 Saturday) KUHF FM 88.7 NPR ….Sat morning edition on How to sign up for vaccine shots in your state.   See the above link and […]

Covid-19 Vaccine sign up Harris Co TX area.

By on January 27 2021 | | Leave a comment

Please see the info below and NOW for people who are over 65 and all who have real health issues, ( especially respiratory (breathing) issues ) I encourage you to sign up and get a vaccine for Covid-19.   Covid-19 or Corona Virus has been the BIG thing for last year 2020 and going forward […]

Healthcare a look at how the USA does compared to a few others

By on September 4 2020 | | Leave a comment

PBS has a news show “News Hour” that has a short series on health care and some did take a look at how some other countries do what they do. I think it is worth watching and hope we as country will continue to work on our healthcare system and insurance systems and how we […]

A pandemic read

By on August 14 2020 | | Leave a comment

“One Hundred Years of Solitude,” a novel by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez’s includes one of the most famous examples of pandemics in literature, says Álvaro Santana-Acuña, curator of a Márquez exhibition at the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin. See web link to Texas Standard Radio show on this book. […]

The world & how we live in IT

By on June 2 2020 | | Leave a comment

Full story from 60 Minutes on the total of covid 19 and our wold. (05/17/2020) LINKs CBS 60 Minutes via YouTube CBS 60 Minutes via CBS Twitter CBS 60 Minutes see Twitter CBS 60 Minutes and more of the above story on our world now.

Face cover could and data shows will help with COVID-19.

By on April 6 2020 | Group Insurance | Leave a comment

It makes sense to me, to ask people to cover the face and you will not be the one to pass the virus on, if you are infected. By wearing a nose mouth mask will not so much protect your self as it will protect others. This is a little (BIG) something we all can […]

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