Exercise & Diet for Summer 2020

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Most of us, understand that we should get some physical activity, exercise in our life. Unless you have a physical type job then you have to work exercise into your life routine. I am lucky in that exercise has be a part of my life since high school days. Take a look at the three […]

The world & how we live in IT

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Full story from 60 Minutes on the total of covid 19 and our wold. (05/17/2020) LINKs CBS 60 Minutes via YouTube CBS 60 Minutes via CBS Twitter CBS 60 Minutes see Twitter CBS 60 Minutes and more of the above story on our world now.

May is DIAM 2020

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Disability Awareness Month (DIAM) is May of each year. This is an annual push by the Insurance community to bring awareness to Disability Insurance (DI). Contact us to start a conversations to see what you can do to prepare for the unexpected. Links Preparing for disability. (know one wants to think about IT.)

Alt way’s to talk to a medical pro – spring 2020

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Tel a doc
Tel a medicine

COBRA vs ACA coverage

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If you are in the place where you have lost your employer sponsored health insurance due to a lay off. Look at the option of ACA coverage vs COBRA (small group state continuation ). We feel that for most people a group plan is the best coverage due to ACA plan being only HMO. But […]

Face cover could and data shows will help with COVID-19.

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It makes sense to me, to ask people to cover the face and you will not be the one to pass the virus on, if you are infected. By wearing a nose mouth mask will not so much protect your self as it will protect others. This is a little (BIG) something we all can […]

United Way COVID-19 Help phone number.

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I hope you do not need this but here is a phone number. United Way COVID-19 Phone Number 866-211-9966 -United Way.

Back up day 03/31

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With all the Real fears we have today one more thing we can do something about to lessen a problem is to back up your computer files (pc phone etc…). See

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