Seven Group Health Insurance Benefits for Employers in Houston,  Texas 

Employee Recruitment 

Recruiting top talent is highly competitive these days. Group Health Insurance helps you attract top caliber employees.

Employee Retention

After hiring top quality people, Group Health Insurance fosters employee loyalty helping you to keep them longer. Healthier employees reduce both turnover and absenteeism.

Tax Deductible

Group Health Insurance is tax deductible and actually costs less than across the board pay raises, as there are no additional payments to Social Security or the Texas Workforce Commission.

Team Spirit

Group Health Insurance helps build team spirit and unity within your company.  It’s a sign to both current and prospective employees that as management, you care about them and are willing to work together to protect their health.

Employee Productivity

Group Health Insurance increases employee productivity and quality of work.

Employee Morale

Healthy employees are happy employees. Just knowing that they are covered should health problems arise reduces stress and improves employee morale.

Not Really An Expense

Think of Group Health Insurance more as an investment in your company’s well being rather than an expense.

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