Medicare Part D (PDP) info 2018

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We have gathered some information on: Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare part D (PDP plans) (Medicare Rx Coverage) Please contact our office to discuss and to get quote information for you or a family member.     Humana PDP video 2018  (checked as ok by JCL  0 7/30/2018)     Info on Medicare part D […]

New Medicare Card Format Starting Spring 2018

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Medicare cards and the “Number” assigned to each person is changing. Starting in April of 2018 the new format of cards will start going out to “new” and “old” medicare members. The “NEW” card has a new number instead of your Social  Security Number.  This new number is unique to you. Once you get the […]

Healthcare & Retirement 2018

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As people plan and live with retirement, helthcare cost is a real factor. We all need to think about the cost of care and the every month cost of insurance for healthcare. For people in the USA over 65 this means Medicare and or a Medicare supplement (medsup) or a Medicare advantage plan (MA or […]

Insurance Co.’s Game Medicare Bonus Structure

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In the Monday March 12th 2018 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the paper reported on some large insurance companies taking advantage and gaming the system to maximize a bonus structure in the Medicare Advantage plan system. Insurers Game Medicare System to Boost Federal Bonus Payments (wsj 03/12/2018) WSJ_Insures_game_Medicare_Bonus_2018_03_12  (right click to open pdf copy) Insurance Premium […]

It Is Fall 2017 and Time For Medicare For 2018

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Well , it  is  October and the Medicare annual open enrollment  has started. (10/15—–12/07/2017) Every year open enrollment gives you the opportunity to review your existing Medicare coverage and, if you want to, change to a different plan for the following year. Use this period to: Switch from one “stand-alone” Part D drug plan to […]

Medicare Info for 2015-2016

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Medicare is how people 65 and over and individuals who are disabled (by Social Security and the Rail Road Retirement Board, after the waiting period) get medical insurance in the United States of America. Note that as you approach your 65th birthday you only  have 3 month prior to and three months after (for a total […]

Getting More From Medicare 2015

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I  try to watch the pbs investment show Wealthtrack hosted by Ms. Consuelo Mack. This show had a good guest,  Katy Votava  who spoke on this important topic     Kathy Votava has a website that I invite you to  explore further. For more information on healthcare cost, visit her website at   Links YouTube Channel for WealthTrack    

The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Tool

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Please refer back to the article on Medicare Tools  from April 30,2012. I want to provide  more information on how the Medicare Part D tool is useful and how to make good use of it. Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) In using the part D tool, where you can build your  Rx Drug […]

Medicare Coverage Online Tools

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If you are on a Medicare health plan (Medicare supplement or Medicare Part D plan (part D is Rx coverage). If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you most likely have medical and Rx coverage together in your plan. I do not write about Medicare Advantage plans for I am not certified to market and […]

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