Sept. is Life Insurance Awareness Month 2020

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Life insurance Awareness is and industry effort to remind people to think about this topic while you can. I think it is a good thing to stop and think about things you may not want to, just in case. Because life does happen and things do happen. With a little planning things could be a […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2019 !

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From our Office in Sugar Land TX (a Southwestern Suburb of Houston TX.) we wish all of our friends, clients and potential clients a Thankful Thanksgiving. “Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.” From Sugar Creek Finance Group J Casey Lowery Robert (Bob) Roy

Health Insurance in Texas Site Update To Version 3.5

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This is a revised Health Insurance for Texas website which was  made “live” last week (07/24/2018).  Welcome to web site “3.5”. This is the 2nd design change to this wordpress  website,, which started in  2007. Wehave also added both a  phone and tablet version (3.1) as well a log in for our group clients […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month 2017

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) 2017.  I like to encourage people to look at their situation and family to make sure you are protecting the people who need to be protected. Life Insurance  for family and business obligations, etc. Wills for ALL people, especially for those who have children and obligations. (AND to […]

April 2017 Is Adult Learn To Swim Month

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Swimming is something I take for granted. My sister and I  learned to swim very early in our lives.  The US Masters Swimming (USMS) is promoting the cause to help adults who are not comfortable in the water learn to swim.         RelatdLinks US Masters Swimming  The Houston Dad’s Club (just north […]

Sept 2016 is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is September of every year. This is a campaign to bring awareness to the things life insurance can do and to help people work to find a solution.  All people are different and working with a life insurance agent can help you find a proper way to protect you and your […]

Disability Insurance Awareness Month May 2016

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May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. We all have a greater chance of being disabled than we do of death each day. Not exactly a thing we want to think about but…. We need to do so from time to time…not to dwell on this but have some planning in place. That is what life […]

Febuary 23rd This Day In History

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This date holds a dual special meaning in history (for this writer). First,  in 1836 on this date the siege of the Alamo began in San Antonio, Texas. And next, in 1945 on this date (landing day plus 5) the U.S. Marines raised “Old Glory” on Mount Suribachi  during the battle of Iwo Jima. This battle and the […]

Investing Autopilot from Wealthtrack TV

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I saw an interesting program on public TV back on June (06/21) 2015 called weathtrack. The show was on the automation of individuals investments. At first it sounded crazy. But watch the show because there are some good sound reasons why it’s not. I think some (or even a good portion) of a persons investments should be […]

Retirement Planning and Saving Tips for 2015

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As I was taught to do in most parts of life, plan for the worst but hope for the best. This is what we all need to do in regards to planning and saving for retirement. I have read a few thing that I will refer to below: The first is a nice segment on Weathtrack (Houston […]

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