Wear a mask in public and please get the vaccine for Covid-19.

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Wear a mask to help your self and for your neighbors. Do it to be considerate of others and it may well help you and the ones you love.


Find a way to get the Covid 19 Vaccine where you do live. Again this will help you and the people you care about.




And a little Fun on Mask’s









CBS Sunday Morning…on the Evolution of masks 2021.


CBS Sunday Morning via CBS News


YouTube – Sunday AM Chanel


AND  ( I have posted this before…but good info )

KHOU-TV Ch-11 in Houston TX info via TXT

This seems to be a good tool for a lot of news in the Houston area. Note you will incur  TXT charges.


You can txt (713-526-1111) put in



or even Weather

to get info.






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