Healthcare a look at how the USA does compared to a few others

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PBS has a news show “News Hour” that has a short series on health care and some did take a look at how some other countries do what they do. I think it is worth watching and hope we as country will continue to work on our healthcare system and insurance systems and how we […]

Healthcare News For March 2016

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C-SPAN – Washington Journal -2016 Presidential Candidates Healthcare Proposals Th AM 03/10/2016 Alison Kodjak (health care reporter NPR) Alison Kodjak – LinkedIN Medical Bills Still Take A Big Toll, Even With Insurance  via NPR 03/11/2016 Related Links NPR HealthNews  NPR Health shots (npr health news)        

Upcoming ACA Health Law Tax Not Just On Luxury

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I  read a good article on the so called “ Cadillac tax”  in the Houston Chronicle  (09/02/2015) part of the ACA or Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). The article  points out some of the things that a lot of people like and use that are due to be affected by the new law.  This “Cadillac […]

ACA & Healthcare News June 2015

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There is a lot of talk about the pending court case on the ACA and tax subsidies. This is an important issue for the ACA law and most people in the USA and Texas.  The ACA law has had an effect on all of us (good and bad I think) but it is here and […]

How to Access the “Marketplace” for Health Insurance

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You might be interested in a story I  heard on NPR radio about “the relevance of insurance brokers” and the new marketplace. Also, on a related note, you may also want to check out following link “for profit online brokers gear up to sell ObamaCare“. We think it is really important to have a real agent or broker […]

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

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Did you know that people in the United States spend more of their tax dollars on health care than any other country in the world? Yes more than the UK, Australia, and even Canada. This YouTube video, Why Are American Health Care Costs So High, explains why this is true and who’s to blame. Read more about the rising […]

The ACA Upheld by the Supreme Court Now What?

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OK,  the Supreme Court  ruling is in, Thursday 06/28/2012.  What does this mean for the public?  The following is a Q & A on some questions on this topic at the New York Times. The Wall Street Journal has a story on Health Care spending by the Economist David Wessel. Also, see this story from […]

Federal Healthcare Plan for Pre-existing Conditions

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Confusion about the new Federal Health Insurance Law is the only thing about it I am certain of ? I will try to stay out of the partisan politics of the new law and work to focus my comments in this Blog to giving information that can help people in Texas with Health Insurance. I […]

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