CPR it can help save a life

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CPR training is available and could help save a life, even our own. Check in you community (fire departments etc and who ever provides EMS services.) I know in Houston I have had training from local fire houses.   Links nytimes.com-How a Toilet Plunger Improved CPR_2003_06_15 Google search for CPR Training in Texas.

blue cross group address change (2020/03)

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) for groups (company insurance ) has a new address for mailing in billing payments. BCBSTX premium/payment addresses changed in the fourth quarter of 2019. Why it matters: Many groups are still submitting their payments to the old addresses. Time is running out on the forwarding service. To avoid […]

Sept 2018 USA wage’s and federal deficit & debt.

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Wages  ie take home pay for most Americans in the USA is, are flat.  But our government (all of us) will pay more in debt service next year due to US (the government)  not (…..trying…..)  to pay as we go. The way we are going we are leaving the problems for the next generations. This […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX Health Insurance Tools

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas or BCBSTX is arguably the  latest Health Insurer in Texas. I will try to point out and list links to some useful web pages. Blue Cross Blue Shield (association)  What is it from Wikipedia. Blue Cross Blue Shield  has implemented  Benefits Value Advisory or Customer Service (CS), , for […]

Group Health Insurance for Small Companies in Texas

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What will companies with less than 50 employees do starting in 2014 as far as health insurance is concerned? The short answer is the company can do what ever it wants to do.  Employers with less than 50 employees do not have to  offer a group plan or they can.  Only employers with more than 50 employees will […]

Brand-name Drugs Defined

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A brand-name drug – prescription drug which is marketed with a specific brand name by the company that manufactures it.  So brand-name drugs may cost insured individuals a higher co-pay than generic drugs on some health plans. The recent big news on brand-named drugs vs. generic’s is the story on Lipitor. Lipitor, which became available […]

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