Wear a mask in public and please get the vaccine for Covid-19.

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Wear a mask to help your self and for your neighbors. Do it to be considerate of others and it may well help you and the ones you love.   Find a way to get the Covid 19 Vaccine where you do live. Again this will help you and the people you care about.   […]

February 2021 covid -19 info

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Covid-19 or Corona Virus. We have been living with for almost one year ( as of mid February 2021.) I did hear a good story on the radio yesterday (02/20 Saturday) KUHF FM 88.7 NPR ….Sat morning edition on How to sign up for vaccine shots in your state.   See the above link and […]

Covid-19 Vaccine sign up Harris Co TX area.

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Please see the info below and NOW for people who are over 65 and all who have real health issues, ( especially respiratory (breathing) issues ) I encourage you to sign up and get a vaccine for Covid-19.   Covid-19 or Corona Virus has been the BIG thing for last year 2020 and going forward […]

COVID-19 info, the last day of March

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Well it is the last day of March 2020. We have a new way of living and acting in the world and as all I know in the Houston area and Texas and the USA. Try to stay healthy : Practice social distancing and limit your trips out of your home. Wash your hands (often) […]

COVID what can we do?

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C – Create something O – Offer to help someone V – Virtual connect I – Inspire others D – Do something outside From the Youth Ministry at my church…I hope my kids will embrace this thought! 3/19/2020 (via FB) from Mrs. TM an old acquaintance of mine from: Habitat for Humanity projects with our […]

give blood

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Anyone who can, I think should try to give blood, especially if you can and are healthy. This will help our health processional’s, doctors & Hospitals treat and serve our sick friends and neighbors. CCSC (Christian Community Service Center) see response to COVID-19 CCSC Member Churches (w central Houston TX) Thanks Gordon (CCSC board) LINKS […]

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