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ACA Open Enrollment for 2015 Indidividual Health Plans

By on December 19 2014 | Health Insurance, Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

For Individual Health Insurance we all have to get used to the idea of an annual open enrollment. This is the time where you can shop and purchase health insurance without having a qualifying event.  A qualifying event allows you to purchase (on average 60 day window) health insurance outside the open enrollment period. Here are […]

ACA Pre-open Enrollment 11/15/2014

By on November 14 2014 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

I found the above while reading TheAtlantic online (11/12/14)  in an article titled  “Insurance, as Explained by Cartoons” Try taking this Health Insurance quiz from Kaiser web site. This is a good source of information on health topics and the ACA in particular. We are working out the kinks in our abilty to serve and […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept. 2014 (LIAM)

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is a nice reminder for people to read up, watch videos, and learn more about Life Insurance.    Watch a good  video on Life Insurance 101 (2014) YouTube Chanel from Life happens At the most basic need level you need to have life insurance if someone or something depends on […]

Aetna Health Insurance Tools 2014

By on August 12 2014 | Heathcare Reform, Individual Insurance | 1 Comment

I am going to give some info and links for all the Health Insurance Co we work with in Texas. Starting out in alphabetical order with Aetna.  Aetna has a nice website –   health-reform-connection If it is not open enrollment can you purchase health insurance. In the new ACA world the answer is no […]

Americans are bad at math says the NYTimes

By on August 8 2014 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

We have heard it before, that Americans or people who live in the USA are not the best at math. That is on the whole of the population. I found this online at a newspaper site I  like to read.  By the way I  subscribe and get the NYTimes on my wife’s iPad. The napkin […]

ACA Learning Curve

By on August 8 2014 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

The new health care law or Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act or PPACA) has a lot of moving parts and for people with little or no experience with health insurance it is a real challenge to understand the insurance world I read an article in the 08/02/2014 NYTimes titles “Newly Insured, […]

Sunscreen Tips

By on July 2 2014 | Exercise | Leave a comment

WSJ on Sun Screen 06/10/2014 It is summer time in Texas. June 21 is the summer solstice  (the longest day of the year) I am making this entry on our website to give people what we think is good information on sun protection that we found on the Wall Street Journal’s website. See the above […]

You Have Choices About How You Live and Die

By on June 16 2014 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

I believe we all  have choices about how we live today. That alone is more than most want to think about. But we should and direct our lives. I am a dvr junkie in our home and tape a lot of “stuff” on the weekend. My two favorites are c-span and I have a standing […]

Web Security and Heartbleed

By on June 5 2014 | Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Heartbleed is a on-line threat that has something to do with the ssl socket. I do not consider  to be “cyber pro” but this web page is on-line. So I think we should put out some information and warnings. A URL tester for Heartbleed See the above link to test our sites URL’s for […]

Disability Awareness Month 2014 (DIAM)

By on May 22 2014 | Disability Insurance | Leave a comment

May is the month every year that the insurance industry ( and )  makes an effort to the public and insurance professionals to talk up the facts that people are, and can be affected by some type of disability. In fact people under 50 have a greater chance of having some type of disability than […]

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