Americans are bad at math says the NYTimes

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We have heard it before, that Americans or people who live in the USA are not the best at math. That is on the whole of the population.

I found this online at a newspaper site I  like to read.  By the way I  subscribe and get the NYTimes on my wife’s iPad.

The napkin sketch guy Carl Richards  has a nice one americans are bad at math but its not too late to fix

A pdf of this article (   (right click to open in a new tab )

Take a look at this article and if you have young people in your life keep working with them so they are not a part of the problem.

And a great Idea for young people and old is to start a Roth IRA. The younger you start,  the more power this account will have in a persons finical life.

See…  (right click to open in a new tab.)

Links (from the NYTimes

Your Money section



See Khan Academy for info on learning. ( A nice resource I think…JCL)

Khan Academy on Life Insurance 



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