ACA Open Enrollment for 2015 Indidividual Health Plans

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For Individual Health Insurance we all have to get used to the idea of an annual open enrollment. This is the time where you can shop and purchase health insurance without having a qualifying event.  A qualifying event allows you to purchase (on average 60 day window) health insurance outside the open enrollment period.

Here are the dates for the open enrollment period for 2015.

11/15/2014 – 12/15/2014  for coverage to start on 01/01/2015

12/16/2014 – 01/15/2015 for coverage to start on 02/01/2015

01/16/2015 – 02/15/2015 for coverage to start on 03/01/2015

Note (02/15/2015) is the last date for open enrollment 2015 and we do not expect any extensions.

In order to get a subsidy or a Tax credit you must get your health insurance via “the Marketplace” and it must be an on marketplace plan.

After the above dates you will need to have a qualifying event in order to purchase health insurance.  Note you will be able to pruchase a short term policy but these have limitations and will not get you out of penalty of not having insurance when you file your taxes per the new ACA rules.

ACA Tax Provisions (from IRS)

See this article from the NYTimes on shopping for health Insurance (12/05/2014)  (right click on the link to the left to open the pdf)

Off market place Quote tool  (Sugar Land TX office )

On market place Quote tool   for FFM – ACA plans  (Sugar Land TX office )

Note…. FFM – ACA plans are know as  (Federally Facilitated Marketplace – Affordable Care Act) with/ via

John Casey Lowery – FFM – ACA marketplace  ID (jclowery8485814)

& his NPN # is ( 8485814 )

800-318-2596  phone for    – the Marketplace   (Available 24/7 )

Note we work with six (6) health insurance companies serving Texas. (note…. not all plans are available in all TX counties or Zip codes.)

(Aetna -Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSTX) – CIGNA – HumanaOne – UHC or United Health Care or  UHOne- Assurant.)

Aetna  individual plans in Texas for 2015

Aetna 2015 ACA plans brochure for TX.

Aetna individual & family plans for TX.  for info and SBC’s

Aetna SBC search web page  (SBC -summary of Benefits and Coverage)

Blue Cross Blue Shield  of Texas (BCBSTX)  individual plans in Texas for 2015

BCBSTX OFF Marketplace  individual plans for 2015

BCBSTX ON Marketplace individual plans ( subsidy or tax credit eligible plans via for 2015 (SBC -summary of Benefits and Coverage)

BCBSTX Individual plans (2015)……….not a good link….. find a pdf…?

CIGNA individual plans in Texas for 2015

CIGNA quote and application link JCL

Cigna application &  returning and members log in.

MyCigna log in page

Cigna why choose Cigna public info link

Cigna Compare health plans link (not a brochure but a link) for better info run or contact us for a quote.

Humana One Individual plans in Texas for 2015

HumanaOne quote link JCL

HumanaOne “Compare Texas health plans options

UHC or United Health One (Golden Rule)  Individual plans in Texas for 2015

United HealthOne quote  (UHone) link JCL

UHone individual plan pdf

UHone SBC’s finder and tool

UHOne glossary of Health Insurance Terms 

UHOne  info on “tax break for health coverage

Assurant  Individual plans in Texas for 2015

Assurant Health quote link JCL




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