Life Insurance Awareness Month Sept. 2014 (LIAM)

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is a nice reminder for people to read up, watch videos, and learn more about Life Insurance.    Watch a good  video on Life Insurance 101 (2014)

YouTube Chanel from Life happens

At the most basic need level you need to have life insurance if someone or something depends on you.

So if you have a family, children and or mortgage on a home these are key reasons to consider having life insurance.

For a business you should have some form(s) of life coverage to protect the enterprise and the people involved in the company . If there is  a business loan,  the lender can require the people involved have a specific amount of life insurance. The lender will in some cases ask you to get the coverage from a source, but you can and should have some input on this.

Link (Forbes 90 min finance) on Permanent vs Term Life Insurance.

How Insurance works from 90 min finance from Forbes.

If you do not have a ” Will” or life insurance,  first get the  Will documents (a living will and medial directives are important to get,  Ccontact an attorney or see the link below.  Then evaluate your need for life insurance. A  Last Will document will keep the government and state out of your affairs when you do pass away. Lots of people think only the very rich need a will. This is not so. If you have any property and or loved ones you need to have a will so the state will not get into every aspect of your life.

Last will & Testament in Texas

Contact a Life Insurance professional in your area who you think you want to work with and/or contact our office in Sugar Land TX to see if we can be of help  Please note: We only work with people in the state of  Texas and when it comes to something as important as  life insurance ,we feel it is best to be able to meet in person..

So, if you already have life insurance, take some time (every so often (every 1 or 2 years)  to review your coverage. You should look at your savings and investments and make sure you  have a plan.You should also look at your will and other personal documents to make sure they are up to date with the workings of your life and loved ones.

I also found the following video from June 2012  that talks about permanent life insurance  (whole life)  It’s fairly current and gets technical but I’m certain you’ll  find the information iboth nformative and useful..


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