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I am going to give some info and links for all the Health Insurance Co we work with in Texas.

Starting out in alphabetical order with Aetna. 

Aetna has a nice website –   health-reform-connection

If it is not open enrollment can you purchase health insurance. In the new ACA world the answer is no unless you have a qualifying event.

See the  CMS link that helps  with ACA qualifying events. (in 2014)

If you have a plan with Aetna and need your Summary of Benefits & Coverage , see this link for SBC

Aetna has VitalSaving which is some more discounts on , medical related things as well as  Denal and Rx.

Aetna has a web page on the new health care law “The Affordable Care Act” or ACA.

Aetna has a web page that talks about marketplace or exchange purchased individual or family plans. This is vs off marketplace plans. They are basically the same but there are some critical differences. Take a look and or call our office or talk to your Health Insurance Agent.

Aetna Rx or Medication search tool.

Aetna Doctor search tool.

Aetna has a symptom checker tool (

Aetna has a secure website where you can  manage your personal health and financial information online — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aetna personal health records. Take a look at this, it could and should help you track your medical items.

Aetna link where you can pay your bill (monthly premium) and set up easy pay.  There is a section where you can get help with reading doctor bills.

Aetna billing   1-877-302-3862     and or    pay your premiums by phone by calling 1-866-350-7644.



aetna  payment-estimator-fee-schedules see  health-reform-connection

The Health Reform Connetion – Health Care Reform Explained Employer information 


See  aetna’s page and video  ACA Provisions for 2014: Key Impacts

aetna  –  How Health Care Reform Affects You  (info and videos)


Individual and Family plan info from Aetna  ACA  (12/2014)



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