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Tax Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage In 2014

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The IRS  has published  a document titled “Tax Impacts of Health Insurance Coverage for Individuals & Families in 2014” This is a “Virtual Town Hall” series and is one of the things that many people are concerned with in regard to the new ACA law. That is,  how will the Tax law and this intersect […]

Houston Chronicle Health Zone March 30th

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The Houston Chronicle prints a section on Health the last Sunday of the Month. Here are links to the March 30th Chronicle Health Zone: HealthZone covers various health topics and I will thy to point out and where I can add to the topics this section points out. LM Sixel offers some good advice on […]

Saving & Investing Checkup 2014

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A Couples Financial Tuneup 04/26/13 NY Times Related Links (for more info about your money) Market Place Radio on Money Info on Investopedia The NYTimes on your money The NYTimes : the Sketch Guy: Personal Finance on a Napkin NYTimes Ideas to make retirement possible  (02/06/2014)  (right click for a pdf ) The […]

March 2014 Media on the ACA &

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In this post I will provide links to several media sources on Obama Care or the name I like better, the ACA or (Affordable Care Act) which is short for PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act) Market Place Radio 03/14 has a story on rating the ACA. (how many stars) The Houston Radio Station KUHF […]

ACA Marketplace Application Process

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The ACA (Afordable Care Act) health insurance is all over the media as are the ads for When individuals and family’s are looking for health insurance,  you can get information from many sites on-line. The government site has good information but you can only get a plan here if you are eligible for a subsidy […]

The Houston Chronicle HealthZone

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The Houston Chronicle, the daily newspaper for Houston, TX publishes a section called the Health Zone on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month. Heath Zone: Sunday February 23, 2014 had some interesting articles on weight loss, allergies, cancer issues and spinal cord issues for aging baby boomers. Insurance, In network vs out. Commentary: […]

Long Term Care Insurance Info From WSJ

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Here is some good Long Term Care Insurance info that somehow got  lost in the shuffle.  It is not  timely, but rather it’s timeless!   We all get older each day and we all need to have some planning for our future and living past our work or productive years. From the Wall Street Journal: […]

ACA Tips for February 2014

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Please Note: Individuals can  purchase  health insurance only until 03/15/2014 that will go into effect April 1 2014. As of now after these dates you can not purchase individual health insurance unless you have a qualifying event. I started this post back in August / September of 2013.  Well, life and all the real challenges […]

2014 ACA Info and Resources

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I wanted to present the most recent 2014 ACA information I have by sharing it with you on this blog. The last quarter of 2013 has been a big learning experience for all Americans in regards to the changes that are happening to the health insurance market. The changes are focused in the small group […]

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