Disability Awareness Month 2014 (DIAM)

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May is the month every year that the insurance industry (lifehappens.org and disabilitycanhappen.org )  makes an effort to the public and insurance professionals to talk up the facts that people are, and can be affected by some type of disability. In fact people under 50 have a greater chance of having some type of disability than they do of dying.

We all need to evaluate and take time to see if you can put a disability protection plan to protect your family. This protection is as basic as and should be though of as “pay check protection”.



A pdf flyer on “What you need to know about divisibility insurance“.

A pdf flyer on the DI Disconect  This is a great  page with helpful  facts about Disability Insurance.

What's Your Personal Disability Quotient?

What's Your Personal Disability Quotient?

Everyone should know their chances of not being able to earn an income. That’s what your Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ) calculates—your own chance of being injured or becoming ill that could force you to miss work for an extended period of time.

Click this link to Calculate Your PDQ Now












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