You Have Choices About How You Live and Die

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I believe we all  have choices about how we live today. That alone is more than most want to think about. But we should and direct our lives.

I am a dvr junkie in our home and tape a lot of “stuff” on the weekend. My two favorites are c-span and I have a standing recording for CBS “Sunday Morning”

Back on April,27 2014 there were two segments that got me that I want to share here on our Insurance blog.

I will start with  Mitch Albom, sports writer and the author of “Tuesdays With Morrie”.   Jane Pauley sits down with Mr Albom  for a wide-ranging chat about a life well-lived.

The first segment that got my attention was the one talking about how the Wisconsin town of La Cross has a very high level of it citizens dealing properly with the subject of the end of life and “End of life directives.

The link below is a LINK to a CBS Sunday Morning segment.

We can’t know for sure when the end will come — but at least we can be prepared

We work to talk with people every week about how you live and yes will pass away or die. We work with real people on the subject of Life Insurance  to protect your “loved ones and  risks in life . We also help people with DI or Disability Insurance and the topic of Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi).

We  counsel  people that everyone needs to have a Will. That way your wishes are carried out and you keep the State ( Government ) as much as possible out of your families affairs. And you know the State does not want to be in the middle but if a person dies without a will the the sate and count government will get involved no matter how little or much the person left behind.

Please note the writer of this post is NOT an attorney and I am encouraging everyone  (in the USA and Texas)  to have a will. I think going to an attorney would be best, but there are do it your self ways as well. ( note my wife and I did our first will in a do it your self fashion. but we did progress to having an attorney draw up a will, living will and final directives with a medical power of attorney etc.)

 5 Wishes….Aging with Dignity  Good to know info for everyone.

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