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Sept. is Life Insurance Awareness Month 2020

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Life insurance Awareness is and industry effort to remind people to think about this topic while you can. I think it is a good thing to stop and think about things you may not want to, just in case. Because life does happen and things do happen. With a little planning things could be a […]

Back up day 03/31

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With all the Real fears we have today one more thing we can do something about to lessen a problem is to back up your computer files (pc phone etc…). See

Health Insurance in Texas Site Update To Version 3.5

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This is a revised Health Insurance for Texas website which was  made “live” last week (07/24/2018).  Welcome to web site “3.5”. This is the 2nd design change to this wordpress  website,, which started in  2007. Wehave also added both a  phone and tablet version (3.1) as well a log in for our group clients […]

Healthcare & Retirement 2018

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As people plan and live with retirement, helthcare cost is a real factor. We all need to think about the cost of care and the every month cost of insurance for healthcare. For people in the USA over 65 this means Medicare and or a Medicare supplement (medsup) or a Medicare advantage plan (MA or […]

Texas Family Benefits Not Family Benefit Life

By on January 9 2018 | | 3 Comments

We get email’s and phone calls from people looking for Family Benefit Life Insurance Co of Mexia Texas.  (one or two per month) See  March 2017  – our old info  I have looked online and have made multiple calls and emails to TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) to get some good info on this. Last […]

Life Insurance Awareness Month 2017

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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) 2017.  I like to encourage people to look at their situation and family to make sure you are protecting the people who need to be protected. Life Insurance  for family and business obligations, etc. Wills for ALL people, especially for those who have children and obligations. (AND to […]

Saving & Investing Tips & Tools for 2017

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Well,  it’s July 2017 and in fact, the month will be over next week. WOW!? I wanted to post this back in January of 2017. The end of a year into the start of a new one is a good time to review and/or make plans for saving and investing, as I think and have been […]

We Are Texas Family Benefits – Not Family Benefit Life!

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We get about one call every other month  from people looking for Family Benefit Life Insurance Co. My name is John Casey Lowery and I am an Independent Insurance Agent/ Broker in the Houston TX area. My office  is in Sugar Land TX with Sugar Creek Financial Group (Robert Roy)  and my web site is […]

Retirement Tools & 2017 Social Security

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At some time or another we all think about not working (or at least not working as much) and retirement.   In the USA the  federal government part of this, for most working people, is Social Security -SS. I hope we all can save (and invest) some hard earned money.  You can do it with […]

Sept 2016 is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)

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Life Insurance Awareness Month is September of every year. This is a campaign to bring awareness to the things life insurance can do and to help people work to find a solution.  All people are different and working with a life insurance agent can help you find a proper way to protect you and your […]

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