New Medicare Card Format Starting Spring 2018

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Medicare cards and the “Number” assigned to each person is changing.

Starting in April of 2018 the new format of cards will start going out to “new” and “old” medicare members.

The “NEW” card has a new number instead of your Social  Security Number.  This new number is unique to you.

Once you get the new card via USPS  (US Mail) destroy your old card and start using the new card.

Only give your new Medicare Number to doctors, pharmacists,other health care providers, your insurers,or people you trust to work with Medicare on your behalf.



new medicare card




Your Medicare Card

Search @ -of- Medicare Card

10 things to know about your medicare card (2018/01)

12018-10-Things-to-Know-About-New-Medicare-Card-1_2018_01 (righ click to open pdf copy)


cms – New Medicare cards are coming.



Medicare plan finder – Tool – via



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