Insurance Co.’s Game Medicare Bonus Structure

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In the Monday March 12th 2018 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) the paper reported on some large insurance companies taking advantage and gaming the system to maximize a bonus structure in the Medicare Advantage plan system.

Insurers Game Medicare System to Boost Federal Bonus Payments (wsj 03/12/2018)

WSJ_Insures_game_Medicare_Bonus_2018_03_12  (right click to open pdf copy)

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Prominent health-care insurers are using a tactic known as crosswalking to collect millions of dollars in additional revenue from the federal government. The maneuver involves merging a patient’s original health-care plan with one ranked higher by Medicare—which uses a five-star scale—that gives financial bonuses to providers. The shift boosts a plan’s rating without requiring any actual improvement in quality. A Journal analysis showed that large managed-care companies such as Humana, UnitedHealth, Aetna and Anthem engage in the practice—including for around 1.45 million people for 2018 alone. For Humana, the shift is estimated to be worth nearly $600 million this year, according to some analysts. Although the two-year budget deal signed into law last month included a provision expected to significantly reduce the practice, Industry experts say insurers will still be able to achieve some gains on quality scores—and bonuses—from crosswalking.

Above is from – WSJ 10 point summary  2018/03/12 (thank you Mr Baker ) (twitter _Gerard Baker )


wsj_front_page_2018_03_12  (right click to open pdf)

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