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Medicare Part D (PDP) info 2018

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We have gathered some information on: Medicare, Medicare Supplements and Medicare part D (PDP plans) (Medicare Rx Coverage) Please contact our office to discuss and to get quote information for you or a family member.     Humana PDP video 2018  (checked as ok by JCL  0 7/30/2018)     Info on Medicare part D […]

The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Tool

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Please refer back to the article on Medicare Tools  from April 30,2012. I want to provide  more information on how the Medicare Part D tool is useful and how to make good use of it. Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Part D) In using the part D tool, where you can build your  Rx Drug […]

Medicare Coverage Online Tools

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If you are on a Medicare health plan (Medicare supplement or Medicare Part D plan (part D is Rx coverage). If you have a Medicare Advantage plan you most likely have medical and Rx coverage together in your plan. I do not write about Medicare Advantage plans for I am not certified to market and […]

Medicare Open Enrollment

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The Medicare open enrollment period began November 15, 2010.  The period is different this year in that it will be shorter and ends on 12/31/2010.  So it will be a challenge for participants to make firm decisions and act within this time period.  It will be an even bigger challenge for Insurance professionals that specialize […]

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