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As people plan and live with retirement, helthcare cost is a real factor. We all need to think about the cost of care and the every month cost of insurance for healthcare. For people in the USA over 65 this means Medicare and or a Medicare supplement (medsup) or a Medicare advantage plan (MA or Medicare part C)

I have started watching a “money TV show called “On the Money” (OTM)  on the weekend to keep up with info on this important topic.

Medicare open enrollment for 2016 was going when I stared this post.. (10/15 to 12/07/2015)

It got put on the shelf ….drawer and I have come back to this important topic.

OTM- Save Money during medicare open enrollment for 2016

OTM 10-11-2015 “Don’t let Health Care cost derail your retirement“. let health-care expenses derail your retirement_JCL_2015_10_11  (right click to open)  A pdf of the above show transcript .

I have included some what I think are good videos with more info on this topic from some other sources that I am not connected with. I do not endorse in total any of the following but yes by place these videos have some good information for all of us.

How CPF  (from Singapore) Schemes Fit Into your Retirement Plan the products are not applicable in the USA but the thought process is sound.



Beyond the 70/80 rule: How much do you really need in retirement (03/22/2018) the 7080 Rule How Much Do You Really Need in Retirement_2018_03_22  (right click to open pdf)

Your Retirement Income: What to Do Now | Fidelity



Links for more info:  (medigap & medicare  advantage)

Medicare open enrollment 

Forbes – Saving for retirement beyond the 401K  (2016/12)  (see to videos from Forbes) for retirement beyond the 401k_2016_12_18  (right click to open pdf)



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