Medicare open enrollment for 2019 (10/15-12/07/2018)

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Medicare open enrollment for plans to start on 01/01/2019, the time is now (October 15th — December 07, 2018)

If you do not have a Medicare part d plan (PDP or Medicare Rx coverage)  or you want to add a medicare advantage plan for your self, the time is now.

You can make changes to these plans if you do have one of these coverage’s,  as well.

See this  from CBS news for some good info on this important time for medicare eligible people. This video does focus on the two (2) things you should try  to get right for your self.  (and a video on un- retirement ) open enrollment has started — 2 things you must get right_2018_10_16

How to change from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement

FYI…I did not post this in 2018 due to an over-site and or lack of time on my part. But This is good info on this topic.


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