Medicare Part D (PDP) info 2018

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We have gathered some information on:


Medicare Supplements


Medicare part D (PDP plans) (Medicare Rx Coverage)

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Humana PDP video 2018  (checked as ok by JCL  0 7/30/2018)



Info on Medicare part D


5 Things to Know  – from above video.


1- What is Part D (Rx coverage  – not original medicare )

2- Terminology and costs

3- When can you enroll (sign up and purchase )

4- How to compare part D plans (more than the premium cost.    – Medicare tool  to search for plans 

5- Understanding part D premium  ( Link – Medicare cost for 2018 )



See :

Medicare Mini Course  

The above is in 15 parts (videos)   (Thank You David Forbes )

The list of  segments in the above video list is –  below:


1)  Medicare Advantage vs Medigap – Which is better?

2) What is Medicare Advantage?

3) Medicare Advantage eligibility and how plans work

4) Different types of Medicare Advantage Plans

5) Enrolling in Medicare Advantage – When should you enroll?

6) What is Medigap and how does it work with Medicare?

7) Medigap benefits chart: All standardized plans

8) When can I buy a Medicare supplement?

9) Medicare Advantage vs Medicare supplement: Two completely different choices

10) Medicare Advantage: 5 things to know before you enroll

11) Medicare supplements: 5 things you need to know before you buy

12) Medicare Part D – Here’s what you need to know before you enroll

13) Free Medicare Advantage Plans – Do they really exist?

14) What does Medicare Part B cover?   (Original Medicare)

Note  (original medicare)

Part A   Inpatient  (hospital)

Part B   Outpatient  (doctors & outpatient care)

Medicare – Costs at a Glance 2018  – see part B Deductible  ($183 per year. After your deductible is met, you typically pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amountfor most doctor services (including most doctor services while you’re a hospital inpatient), outpatient therapy, and durable medical equipment.)

15) Can you have both a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare supplement? (short answer is NO)


Please Note in the agents in our Sugar Land TX office only deal with Medicare Supplements or Medigap plans and  PDP plans.

We do  know and work with agents and brokers WHO  do work in the Medicare advantage market.




Medicare and You” – from Medicare 

Page_80_10050-Medicare-and-You_2018  (right click to open pdf)

Medicare and You 2018 (p-80) chart on Medigap or Medicare Supplements

Twitter  – David Forbes – 65 Plus Insurance (for info only )

Medicare – Profs    –  David Forbes via  Medicare Profs   (for info only)

David Forbes  via  YouTube 

Good Reads David Forbes – Medigap vs Medicare Advantage 


Check – Medicare (original A & B)  Enrollment  – link


NYTimes upshots – Health news Large Hidden Costs of Medicares Prescription Drug Program_2018_08_13  (right click to open pdf)


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