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Health Zone from the Houston Chronicle Oct 26 2014

Diet that uses fasting by Greta Kaul  (pdf copy)

A good article o fruit fiber rich diet that we all can draw on. (pdf copy)

An article that touches on Bariatric surgery  and talks of the pros and cons. Note for most health insurance this is not a covered or fully covered  option.

(pdf copy)

I have been sitting on this for a while and am including some other heath and diet articles in this post  for people to refer too. I  hope these posts give people food for thought in working  on your personal health. It is our job with help from a good doctor or two to take care of ourselves. ways to stop drinking soda for good (2)_2015_03 (right click to open pdf) the Daily Grind Gets Him Down He Goes Up a Mountain_2015_03_30 (pdf) the Best Doctors Often Do Nothing_2015_03 (right click to open pdf)



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