Health and Financial New Year’s Resolutions

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Well,  Happy New Year to 2012 and people are dealing with new years resolutions or NOT.
We all fall into one or the other camp and we all have things in our life we want to improve.

Improving our health is always a topic for Texans and all Americans. Even if you are in “good shape” you have things you want to improve. The old Diet and Exercise combo is one of the most popular new year resolutions that a lot of people work on.   Most people could stand to “lose a few pounds”,  through  more exercise and  examining  our eating habits to find ways to live by doing what’s  right for ”our body”.

I do not work for the HEB Grocery Store  but I have noticed some ad’s they ran on diet and exercise.  The  web site to find some good information is  Healthy at HEB.  HEB has stores in most parts of Texas and I think the web site offers some good general info on the whole topic of diet and exercise.  They are not by a long shot the only resource, but they are a resource that most Texans can relate to.

I have enjoyed some 30 minute monthly health webinars presented by Kelsey Seybold.  Please note that they are hosted live, usually on the first Wednesday of each month, but there is also an archive of past webinars available on their website.

The other “Resolution”  topic I will touch on is financial.

That is to review  your bank accounts, investments  including  stocks and mutual funds (IRAs,  401Ks and other qualified accounts) and taxable investments.

Look at your home situation whether you own or rent and see what is best for you.

The topic that is relevant to this web site is to look at the insurance you now have  and determine whether or not you  have the right “risk protection”.

Start with a look at your health insurance.   I believe all prudent people should have health protection, and like all insurance,  you must have the right coverage before you need it.

Then move on to to the broad topic,  your personal  risk protection (this would be life insurance, disability, Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi) and other forms of risk protection.)

If you do not work with an insurance professional and would like to look at the options you have and talk about other possible options then please contact me.

All the best for 2012 and I hope it is a good year for Texans and all Americans in this national election year.

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