Good Sleep Is Important For Good Health

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As we all know, in order to have good health we all need  a proper diet and exercise. Along with getting regular exercise people need to get consistent and  proper rest.

We are all the product of our parents (lucky if you have good genes) (thanks Mom and Dad) and the lifetime of habits we have developed.

I am lucky that I have for the most part kept up an active life (exercise) since grade school.

As I have aged, yes I have started to snore (like my Dad did)  I have tried breath right strips  etc.

I have had to move on to a mouth piece and use a “SnoreRx” mouth piece to save my spouse when my snoring gets out of hand.

I happened to see the video below on Houston TV a while back.

While I do not condone or promote any of these so called remedies, I am presenting the info for ALL to consider.

KHOU -TV- Ch 11 Houston TX (Sat 06/25/16 AM) how going to the dentist can help you improve your sleep.

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I am very lucky (to have good heath) in that my Grandfather and My Dad (as a child ) each had TB.

I tested positive when I wemt for my collage physical and even had  to take an antibiotic for a full year to stem the tide on tuberculosis. I was lucky in that I did  not have  any symptoms but was a carrier. So I had to take the antibiotics so as to not give the “bug” to anyone else. I have never had any symptoms like the ones my relatives had  to deal with.

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