Diet & Exercise, fall 2018 & Nov is Diabetes Awareness month

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In the USA, The United States of America,  Madison avenue (the Advertising machine)  keeps personal appearance on the front page.   On a personal level we all need to keep this in mind. especially if we do, as most Americans do not go hungry, and have too much to eat. With this reality we do need to think and be mindful of our diet and exercise.   Speaking for myself and being in the health insurgence business I have come to see the bigger picture of this issue for the country as a whole.   The fact that a good portion (my self influenced)  do need to be mindfully of our personal weight and over all health.

I do see that this is a big problem that does work out to the levels of diabetes and other problems.  Note people do not have to be over weight to be diabetic. But a large portion of people with diabetes are also over weight.



A Diet Strategy That Counts Time, Not Calories – (01/02/2018) from the WSJ   (YourHealth) (Health – Wellness ) Diet Strategy That Counts Time Not Calories_2018_01_02  (right click to open the article in a new page (as pdf))

the above article is by Ms. Sumathi Reddy at the WSJ.  (twitter – Sumathi Reddy )


NIH on  November is National Diabetes Month

The American Diabetes Association on Nov and Diabetes Awareness Month

Nov 14 is World Diabetes Day


Talk to you Doctor about Diabetes….?


And learn to be proactive regarding all of your health issues.

You learn by asking questions.




NEI at 50: Leading the Fight Against Blindness


What You Should Know About Diabetic Eye Disease At-a-Glance

What You Should Know About Diabetic Eye Disease At-a-Glance Download the Diabetic Eye Disease Infographic and share tips on how to keep your eyes healthy with family, friends, and colleagues


List of  Age Related Eye Diseases  from NIH


NIH tools on Diabetes awareness 2018



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