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Diabetes Awareness Month 2015

By on December 14 2015 | Health & Wellness | Leave a comment

Diabetes Awareness Month is November of each year and I try to talk about this issue for all of us. This condition can and does effect a lot of people and  it has touched my life and it will for dare I say most if not all Americans. Diet and exercise are key to keeping […]

Humana PPO Plan Added Dec 09 for 2016 for Parts of TX

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A  HumanaOne  plan, TX Bronze 6450 ChoiceCare PPO + Children’s Dental, has been added for 2016 coverage in parts of Texas that were previously not included. This was announced on 12/09/2015. This is good news for The Houston and central Texas areas. Where there is going to be less options for PPO plans to individuals […]

ACA Individual Health Fall Open Enrollment 2016

By on November 11 2015 | Health Insurance | Leave a comment

O.K. the 3rd  Open Enrollment for individual  and family coverage (2016 coverage) has started. Open enrollment for individual  &  family ACA health insurance plans  is Nov  01, 2015  –  Jan 31,  2016.  (link for 2016 timeline).    and YES, this is  for plans ON and OFF the Marketplace. 12/15/2015 deadline for coverage to start 01/01/2016 […]

2016 Memorial Hermann Individual Health Insurance

By on November 9 2015 | Individual Insurance | Leave a comment

Memorial Hermann (the Houston area hospital concern ) has been in the group insurance market for a few years now. The company is moving into the individual and family market starting  January 2016. The MHHI plans are only OFF marketplace. ( ie that is NOT on Memorial Hermann Health Insurance (MHHI) has a limited […]

Medicare Info for 2015-2016

By on October 29 2015 | Medicare | Leave a comment

Medicare is how people 65 and over and individuals who are disabled (by Social Security and the Rail Road Retirement Board, after the waiting period) get medical insurance in the United States of America. Note that as you approach your 65th birthday you only  have 3 month prior to and three months after (for a total […]

Upcoming ACA Health Law Tax Not Just On Luxury

By on September 9 2015 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

I  read a good article on the so called “ Cadillac tax”  in the Houston Chronicle  (09/02/2015) part of the ACA or Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). The article  points out some of the things that a lot of people like and use that are due to be affected by the new law.  This “Cadillac […]

Life Insurance Awareness September 2015 (LIAM)

By on September 2 2015 | Life Insurance | Leave a comment

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM).  This is a public service and marketing campaign, by along with a large contingent of life insurance companies in the USA. LIAM is a call to get people like you  to make sure you are protecting the future for the people you love and care about. If you were to die […]

Prescription Drug Info 2015

By on August 24 2015 | Health & Wellness | Leave a comment

I found a great web tool (GoodRx) to help people do home work on finding info and good prices on presciption drugs.  This looks like a good resource and I have done some additional web homework and provided some other sites as well that provide info on prescription medications. We all have to be proactive with […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX Health Insurance Tools

By on August 7 2015 | Health Insurance | Leave a comment

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas or BCBSTX is arguably the  latest Health Insurer in Texas. I will try to point out and list links to some useful web pages. Blue Cross Blue Shield (association)  What is it from Wikipedia. Blue Cross Blue Shield  has implemented  Benefits Value Advisory or Customer Service (CS), , for […]

2015 ACA Info And Rules From CIGNA

By on July 18 2015 | Heathcare Reform | Leave a comment

I found an excellent document that provides good info on individual and family plans for ON and OFF the marketplace. As we do not always have all the answers to your questions, sometimes we go to the carriers or major health insurance companies to find them. This is primarily because of all the changes that […]

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